Beyond Today NZ Tour 2023
Beyond Today NZ Tour 2023
Beyond Today NZ Tour 2023

You are invited to hear Beyond Today television host Darris McNeely in person, presenting "Finding Hope in a Confused World" in September/October 2023.

Darris will be presenting the biblical message of how to find peace and hope as the world around us becomes increasingly chaotic. It is the Gospel of the Kingdom of God—the core teaching of Jesus Christ— and relates personally to each of us now, as well provides certainty of the coming transformation of the entire world in the near future under His rule.

Admission is free.

Venues & Times


2:30pm Saturday, September 23

Auckland Bridge Club
273 Remuera Road


7:30pm Wednesday, September 27

Quality Hotel Elms
456 Papanui Road


7:30pm Tuesday, October 3

Taupo Yacht Club
9 Ferry Road

Darris McNeely photo
About Darris McNeely

Darris McNeely has been one of the three longtime hosts of the Beyond Today television program since it began in 2005. He is also a well-loved pastor, teacher, and content editor for Beyond Today magazine. As well as his regular work in the television studio, he is currently a Bible college faculty member teaching The Book of Acts, Fundamentals of Belief, and World News & Prophecy.

Darris resides in Cincinnati Ohio with his wife Debbie, and has served in the ministry for more than 40 years. They have two sons, who are both married, and four grandchildren.

Darris' wealth of experience and Biblical knowledge makes him a speaker well worth hearing!

Don't miss Darris McNeely in person.


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