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Beyond Today Schedule

Following is the list of upcoming Beyond Today programs currently intended for broadcast on PRIME TV.

(Please note, the schedule may be revised at any time, and programs which actually go to air may differ.)

The Rapture Versus the Bible
Sunday, Jan 23 View online now ›

Jesus and the apostles never taught about a rapture. Rather, their message was about the hope of the resurrection.

The Handwriting on the Wall
Sunday, Jan 30 View online now ›

A warning is now being proclaimed about severe tumult to soon strike our world. Are you making urgent preparations?

You Become What You Think
Sunday, Feb 6 View online now ›

God wants to help you change how you think—from a material mindset to a spiritual one—so you can have genuine peace.

Watch Out!
Sunday, Feb 13 View online now ›

Jesus warned His disciples to be watchful about their spiritual condition and alert to newsworthy events. Learn why you should be too.

Smyrna: Faith Under Fire
Sunday, Feb 20 View online now ›

The crown of life was pledged to Christians who stayed faithful in troubling times. Learn how that reward can be yours.

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