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Beyond Today Schedule

Following is the list of upcoming Beyond Today programs currently intended for broadcast on PRIME TV.

(Please note, the schedule may be revised at any time, and programs which actually go to air may differ.)

Forgive Us Our Debts
Sunday, May 9 View online now ›

Whether we owe something or it is owed to us, forgiveness is key to a sane and balanced life and is central to the gospel.

Speaking in Tongues
Sunday, May 16 View online now ›

Is it unintelligible babbling no one can understand or talking in known languages for the purpose of edifying and educating?

Nine Meals to Anarchy
Sunday, May 23 View online now ›

While many people are afraid and insecure you don’t have to be. True security comes through a right relationship with God.

Is the Secret Rapture a Hoax?
Sunday, May 30 View online now ›

The rapture teaching hides the truth of the Bible. It keeps you from understanding God’s magnificent plan for you.

The Jewish Temple and Bible Prophecy
Sunday, Jun 6 View online now ›

Scripture foretells an end-time holy place in Jerusalem. Learn what will happen and why you should prepare.

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